“World of Avatars”, a Web-Based 3D RPG with content, features and cutting-edge feel of adventure. World of Avatars (WOA) is more prominent than the other games that are owned by Prodigy Infinitech, ranging from the cute anime character display-fresh-user with quality graphics and audio lure, as well as a variety of features some of which is fairly unique. Gameplay World of Avatars was simple as well as attractive, will give different colors for loyal community of MMO gamers and younger generations.

In addition to having all the basic features such as character development and MMO quest, WOA also give special attention to the other characters, such as dancing and gaming companion. Player can get special characters, namely the AVATAR that can be obtained from the game or from special events, but it can recruit a wide variety Mount, Pet and others who will accompany him when adventure.