A strategy game that’s 100% hockey, the VLH challenges you to create your own team and measure yourself against other GMs in a 30-team league. Each season lasts two weeks, and every Monday is a special day. The first Monday marks the start of the regular season, where you go all out to qualify your team by choosing strategies, improving your lines and optimizing your equipment. The following Monday, the highest ranked teams compete in the playoffs for the League Cup, while everyone prepares their lineup for the coming season.

Inspired by the rigours of professional hockey, GMs build and manage their teams by drafting the best players, improving them season by season, and even sending them off into retirement. Each GM’s skills are rudely put to the test, and it’s a high-stakes challenge to renegotiate player contracts to stay under the salary ceiling and to find the diamonds in the rough in the next draft.

Currently in Beta test, VLH benefits from constant updates and improvements. A mobile companion is in the works for later in 2014, so you can play both within the game and on location, thanks to geolocation.
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