Stalker Online is a post-apocalyptic MMO that focuses on survival. It has a complex leveling system where you can develop combat skills as well as development and construction skills. Care needs to be made on how you level your character, based on your gameplay style. You can build a base, and outfit it with defenses, or various facilities that help quality of life. Each zone in the game has its own anomalies and mutants, which can shift and change over time. Exploration is rewarded in the game, however, it is also very risky due to the changing areas and the different types of mutants you can encounter.

The game begins with building your own character. There is a system of skills and those can be improved and modified during in the process of playing. sZone Online for PC features a mechanism, which stimulates natural changes in the game’s world, so the location of both artifacts and mutants is not fixed. The authors provided an abundance of missions and quests during which you will come across and fight other players (PvP) or enemies controlled by AI (PvE). Apart from that you can also craft new stuff and trade. The game’s mechanics support cooperation between stalkers – you can assemble a team or build and fortify your own base. sZone Online will cater not only for those who prefer thrilling shootouts – players favoring world exploration and using survival talents of the character will also be satisfied.