In One Piece Online you will pick out a starting character and play the game by fighting through waves of enemies that are based on the series. It sounds sort of cool, but almost immediately you realize that the game will just keep repeating the same mechanic over and over and over. When you finally do come across something new, like the opportunity to “sail”, you are saddened to see that the task is simply a different screen with a new button to push.

If you have ever claimed an item in an MMO, then you have played One Piece Online. The gameplay is that simple.
I wasn’t satisfied with writing up a review that said simply “This is one of those games that plays itself – no, literally – and it sucks. See you next time!” so I looked into some of the reasons I was fighting with some of these characters. I even found fansites dedicated to the series. (Which made me wonder if people also make fansites for those mobiles that hang over your crib when you are a toddler.)

It turns out that the characters and story of One Piece makes about as much sense as the game, so it’s important to concentrate on the mechanics. Essentially, you “play” the game in order to outfit your roster of helpful teammates who are supposed to help you in fights.