MyBlackSail, a free-to-play signed GGCorp!
MyBlackSail is a MMORPG published by GGCorp and developed by GameSprite. In closed beta from 2 to 6 November 2016, the game opened its first server on 11 November. This game is in the context of Pirates of the Caribbean but is also linked to a well known game: The Naval Battle.

The character, the Captain!
First of all, we simply start by entering our captain’s name! Four characters are offered to us, two men and two women, all of whom seem to have character! We notice immediately the details of these four captains available. They are linked in pairs, two with the lion’s sign, and the others with the eagle as a symbol.

At the level of the interaction between players, you can add people as a friend. Just as you can add on your blacklist! Some can become your allies, thanks to the fact of linking knowledge thanks to the present chat in the game. You can also integrate a guild, or even create it!

As the game progresses, functions unlock. This is the case with the tavern! This one allows to recruit a captain, and thus to team up with him! Each captain proposed has a potential ranging from 0 to 1. They also have their own skills that are all different and that you will see listed to better find yourself there.