Metal Assault is a free-to-play 2D sidescrolling MMO that features intense shoot ’em up gameplay inspired by the Metal Slug series. Take control of one of the game’s four specialized characters: the defense-oriented Carl, the sharpshooter Marie, the brute strength of Burton, or the tactical expert Ai to take on the game’s varied modes. Play by yourself or with friends in game types that range from co-op zombie scenarios to PvP deathmatch fights, all easily found in the game’s lobby. Its PvP modes support up to 8 players in game types that include: Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Zombie Infection. Aside from the game lobby, players can populate the town with their avatars and explore three zones dedicated to different game elements, similar to the town in Dungeon Fighter Online. Enter the Military Area for training and skill-related NPCs, take a left and walk into the Commercial Area which offers item modification and storage, then finally move to the southwestern part of the town and enter the Town Square where the game’s tournament host resides.
Metal Assault Key Features:
Solo, Co-Op and Team Modes – choose from a variety of game modes that offer options like co-op missions, 8v8 deathmatches, and control point battles.
Apocalyptic Scenarios – fight off the zombies that have infiltrated the City of HERZ in seven different scenarios.
Controllable Vehicles – enter a variety of vehicles that include robotic bodysuits and 4-player vehicles like tanks and choppers.
Character Customization – equip your character with items found from missions and in the game’s shop, giving you the ability to deck out your character as you see fit.
PvP and PvE Modes – appealing to casual and hardcore players alike, the game offers a wide variety of content that is available in both player-vs-AI and player-vs-player forms.