Lineage 2 is set 150 years prior to the events of the original Lineage and fans of the Korean MMORPG will find Lineage 2 to be a worthy successor. The game has a heavy emphasis on PvP and allows open PvP. The world is divided into three kingdoms; Aden, Elmore, and Gracia. Players can chose from six races during character creation, and will eventually be able to branch out into one of 36 classes. Each character can take on up to 3 sub classes which allows for an enormous amount of variation. Linage 2’s plot is told through large ‘Sagas’ of which there are currently two: The Chaotic Chronicle, and The Chaotic Throne. Major content updates known as Chronicles are released every 6 months and add new quests, areas, skills, items, and increase the level cap.