Your Own is an up-and-coming sandbox game and the precursor to the MMO Sandbox of the same name. It is being developed by an Indie development studio based out of Russia. The primary difference between Your Own and the planned “MMO version” of the game is that Your Own will focus on a single player and privately owned server experience. The game features strong sandbox elements like hunger, terraforming, farming, and in-depth crafting. It also features a more action-based combat system that is often described as similar to Mount & Blade. Though it originally got off to a slow start, Life is Feudal is picking up and thousands of players have already bought the game, simultaneously testing and enjoying the game.


The graphics in Life is Feudal are awe-inspiring. The realistic style truly brings to life the game world in so many ways. Whoever worked on the art in this game deserves an award, in my opinion, as this is honestly the first time I have been so captivated with the graphics in a multiplayer, let alone MMO, game. The textures are of a high quality, the models are incredibly detailed, and the animations are smooth as anything I’ve seen. I hope this game works in support for the Oculus Rift because I can only imagine how amazing the game would be with VR. Heck, I already find myself logging on to simply walk through the game and admire the sights. It’s not that Life is Feudal has the highest quality graphics I’ve ever come across; its graphics are just composed more like a painting than a game.

I’ll get into greater detail on that later in this article, but first I need to talk about one of my favorite components of the game, the structures. They simply provide a look and feel for player cities that I’ve never seen in a sandbox MMO before. The trees are beautiful, too. All of the fauna is beautiful. I hope the level of quality currently available will survive the optimization phases of development later in the year. Right now, I can chug along at around 30 FPS at my preferred settings, but if I take part in larger servers, I can see myself needing to lower those settings.