Fap CEO has you starting up your very own camgirl empire with naught but a pretty lady, a computer, and an Internet connection. This is an idle game that generates money over time. As your income grows, you can reinvest your employees’ earnings into training them to be better at their job (which in turn increases the money they generate). You’ll also be able to hire over a dozen new lovely ladies to diversify the kind of personalities your company can put out there in the great wild west of the Internet.

Of course, this is a Nutaku game – and it certainly wouldn’t be a Nutaku game without some degree of shameless fanservice. Progressing along the experience chain for each girl will unlock increasingly steamy photos for players to enjoy.

Bear in mind, Fap CEO is a free-to-play title so that comes with the usual limitations that one might expect. You’ll have timers to contend with for certain elements of the game (like replying to e-mail chains – no, really), and a loot box system gives players the opportunity to speed up the gameplay a bit if they don’t want to wait around so much. Thankfully, many of these features are accessible through normal gameplay if you don’t quite feel like kicking a couple of bucks to the developers right away.

Fap CEO is a pretty straightforward clicker game with a dash of lewdness thrown into the mix.