Dragon’s Prophet is a Free to Play 3D fantasy MMORPG developed by Runewaker Entertainment (creators of Runes of Magic). In Dragon’s Prophet players are tasked with taming over 300 different dragons each with their own unique skills and abilities. Once tamed, players will need to train and ride these dragons into battle. Depending on the dragon chosen a player’s role changes as well.

Taming one dragon may allow the player to better serve as a tank while another dragon may be better suited on the frontlines with the players character standing in the back and supporting his dragon and his allies with heals.

Beyond taming dragons for personal combat and mount use, players must also rely on their own combat skill utilizing the games action-based combat system. Dragon’s Prophet uses a unique auto-target and combo system in order to provide more realistic action gameplay.

Players are able to let their imagination run wild by constructing epic structures utilizing the extensive housing system.