Cosmic League is a 10v10 anime-inspired arena shooter where players choose between either humanoid or robots in the sequel to CosmicBreak. Six distinct classes offer versatile approaches to combat, such as the agile close quarters Assault class or the heavily armed long-range combat Buster. Dominate the battlefield using an array of science fiction inspired weapons. Learn the ropes in Rookie league matches before progressing to 7v7 Prime League battles. Once you’ve become too comfortable it’s time to test your skill in the Master League in 10v10 objective-based fights. Complete key missions and unlock new items to customize your character, while a paint editor lets you alter the colors of any equipment you own.
Cosmic League Key Features:
– Anime Aesthetics – charming anime aesthetics belie the intensity of fast-paced battles.
– Dynamic Arenas – as matches progress the battlefield alters, forcing players to adapt to an unstable environment.
– Six Classes – unique character classes offer novel approaches to battle, such as the support class Jammer.
– Various Leagues – learn the game’s mechanics before jumping to higher-tier leagues such as Master, and custom ruleset matches in Event League.