Conqueror’s Blade is a flagship sandbox PC warfare game that crosses ancient Eastern and Western civilizations. Its core design is an innovative hybrid of action and tactical gameplay. Player can enjoy smooth hero action combat combines with sophisticated tactical control of troops. The game perfectly recreates weapons, armor and troops from many civilizations such as a European sword knight and Swiss halberdier. Additionally, Conqueror’s Blade features an unprecedented and the most popular feature in the game, a “world sandbox” in which players can acquire vast territory.

  • Recreate an authentic medieval warfare experience! | Spectacular scenes of realistic medieval combat immerse you in the front lines of a world in conflict!
  • Smooth controls & battle flow! | Conqueror’s Blade delivers a seamless, controlled battle experience. Each combat officer has three or four combo skill modifications with fluid, easy-to-follow motions!
  • 1,000 sq km of conquerable territory! | Your battlefield is a vast sandbox landscape hundreds of km wide featuring varied terrain such as high mountains, deep rivers, fierce deserts, etc.!
  • Reign over your own kingdom! | Players may form Houses in Conqueror’ s Blade which can take over castles and fortresses throughout the territory, and even create kingdoms and crown kings!
  • Various weather effects! | Booming Games’ proprietary engine, CHAOS, delivers authentic effects. You might experience fire, explosions and diverse weather events, including thunderstorms and sandstorms!