Outwit, outmaneuver, and outlast your enemies in Atlas Reactor, a turn-based tactics game with a unique four-phase turn system never before seen in the genre. Choose from 16 readily playable Freelancers and experience action-packed PvP matches across a variety of sci-fi themed closed quarter battle arenas. Strategically plan your moves to make use of your chosen freelancer’s and react to enemy movements, but do it fast because you only have 20 seconds to decide. Work closely with your team to coordinate movements and attacks to effectively use your arsenal of abilities against the enemy. Play through multiple game modes: Practice, Coop, Versus, or complete challenges and objectives in the Season campaign to earn bonus loot and rewards.

Atlas Reactor Key Features

    • Unique Turn-Based Gameplay – experience a chess-like four-phase turn system that allows players to anticipate enemy and team movements and plan their moves accordingly.
    • Timed-Turns – feel the pressure mount as you try to plan out your moves as the 20-second timer ticks down.
    • Team-focused – work together with your team and coordinate movements and attacks to be truly effective in the arena.
    • Multiple Game Modes – whether you’re looking for a single-player campaign, a cooperative match, or action-packed PvP, Atlas Reactor offers it all.
    • Choose Your Freelancer – take your pick from 16 uniquely-designed characters, called Freelancers, each with their own distinct abilities, play-styles, and personalities.
    • Season Mode – experience a great storyline and get bonus loot and rewards by completing a variety of challenges and objectives in the game’s seasonal campaign arcs.