Ash of Gods is a tactical turn-based RPG with collectible card game and visual novel elements. Set in a European medieval world, every choice you make affects the core story in a profoundly altering way akin to a rogue-like. Backing those decisions are complex storytelling sequences driven by ambiguous morality and death at every turn. In addition to managing battle wounds and resources, even a poorly worded comment could mean the end for you or one of your allies. Similarly, balancing momentary benefits with longterm sacrifice is the key to surviving this grand adventure.

The other half of the experience revolves around unique strategic gameplay. Command powerful warriors alongside utilizing key cards to duel quickly-adapting artificial intelligence or equally cunning players from around the world. Alongside maximizing the CCG component, you’ll need to balance the risk vs. reward of using HP and Energy interchangeably in your attacks. Play it safe by saving Energy, or go all out using HP to fuel devastating actions – all of which is free from dice rolls or chance.

Discover your legend, no matter how fraught with peril the path is.