ArcheAge is a free to play, sandbox-style fantasy MMORPG. Play as one of two factions, or as an outcast of society. Make your mark through crafting, trading, crime, or waging war! The expansive world allows you to create player housing, farms, castles, and more to claim territory; fight on land, sea, and air; and much more.
ArcheAge is free to play in North America with an optional “patron program” subscription. There are several limitations on free players: they only gain 5 labor points every 5 minutes while only (patrons get 10 per 10), they gain no labor points while offline (patrons get 5 per 5), and they cannot claim land, build houses, pay taxes, or post on the Auction House. These limitations may change as the game is currently in Beta for North America.
There are four playable races, split into two factions: the Nuians and Elves live on the western Nuia, and Firran and Harani live on the eastern Haranya. The class system is not traditional: instead of picking a class, you pick three core skill sets (out of ten available). The combination of these three skill sets determines your actual ‘class,’ making 120 total combinations possible.
Ascension (2.9):
The latest expansion, Ascension, brings a ton of new features to the MMORPG. Features in this expansion include:
Player Nations: Work hard toward becoming the Sovereign of your lands, and even earn an exclusive Sovereign-only mount.
Castle Upgrades: Expand your castle with markets, farms, warehouses, and more. Don’t have a castle? Assist others and earn rewards for your work!
Obsidian Tier 7: A new tier is available to be claimed, and tier 5 and 6 require less materials to craft.
PvP Improvements: A new format for siege bidding, match making for arena, and new Arena rewards.